Student Rentals



We will start taking reservations for summer storage on March 1, 2019. You will need to call the office at 205-562-0004 to set up your rental.

Reservation Fee

We charge half of the unit price as a non-refundable reservation fee. This will give you access to the unit on April 15, 2019 to move things in early if you wish.


Renters are required to provide their own lock for the unit, and any lock will work. Locks are available for sale at the office  along with boxes and tape. 


Payments are due at the beginning of each month and will be considered late if not payed by the 5th. Payments can be made online or calling the office during office hours.  We do offer automatic payments that can be set up when you initially rent the unit.  

Moving out

If moved out by the 5th of the month you will not be charged for that month. We will prorate up to the 15th if given prior notice. Once you are done with the unit leave the door open and make sure all contents are cleared away.